What Clients Say

“During the balance I gained a great awareness of how I have kept myself ‘single’ and not in a relationship. I now have a sense of wanting to live in community again and get out of my isolation.

I now feel fantastic and am looking forward to enrolling in the course I was thinking about.”
Shauna Cotter, Melbourne.

“Not only do I feel great (on the next day) I can’t thank you enough Jenn, for giving me the tools I need to help balance my body, mind and spirit. I feel like I have my courage and strength back.”
K.L. Horsham

“I am now more able to recognise factors that cause ‘switching’ and loss. I am better at coping with grief issues and feel more integrated. I have been getting more sleep in the past few weeks since the balance. After some months of irregularity my period is regulating itself back to a normal rhythm.”
Catherine. Melbourne

“After the initial session with Jenn I have felt less stressed and am feeling more grounded this week. Small things don’t bug me. I am sleeping better and feeling refreshed upon waking (not sleeping through my alarm) and I also seem to have increased energy levels. Reading is smoother for me. I am able to be focused and more present and find that I am able to study better.”
R. Walker. Melbourne

“I think the session give me tools to help out in all situations. I feel like the big stresses don’t bug me as much. I feel like I have more control over my emotions and how I will react and respond. Thanks again Jenn.”

“How Kinesiology works is a mystery to me, but I acknowledge that our bodies store information, stuff that we may have forgotten or denied. We hold on to our stories, our anxieties and trauma, and our lives are strongly affected by these.

What I get out of my experience of Kinesiology is special insights into my own dynamic. What makes me react to certain situations that I can’t explain, that I feel have no control over. The more I look at these things with Jenn’s guidance,the deeper I can go to get to the source of my anxieties and “stuck-ness”

Every session holds a small revelation, like messages from my inner self. I look forward to my sessions because they’re all about me!”

I went into the session with a few issues on my mind but one fear regarding a change in my circumstances had been particularly overwhelming for me for some time. It didn’t take Jenn long to identify the issue.
During the session, she worked with me on this matter which led to my gaining a better understanding of the roots of my fear.
When I left the session, I felt so much more comfortable and my fear swiftly abated.”
Sarah, Preston, Vic.

“Some lovely effortless changes for me, Saturday I went for a walk! I also looked up free exercise classes and today did a tai chi class. ..so, lots of positive things, effortless changes and things happening, thank you! With immense gratitude.”
Shauna Cotter, Melbourne


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