What are the benefits of Kinesiology?

Are you stressed, depressed or suffer digestive disorders?

Are you having trouble setting goals or juggling work/life balance?

Do you struggle with learning new things?

Do you have memory difficulties?

Does your brain need fine tuning to help you be less reactive and become more integrated?

Kinesiology can be beneficial in these and many more areas.

You may also find kinesiology benefits your relationships and your emotional well-being.

At Inner Strength Kinesiology I offer you a safe place to explore your health/relationship/study issues. Your body knows what it needs to heal. My use of gentle holistic kinesiology techniques allows me to access your body’s innate healing wisdom.    I facilitate that healing in the session and this can allow for a greater feeling of calm, relaxation and well being.

Benefits you may experience:

    • Ease of learning
    • Feeling calm and able to be responsive
    • Being aligned with your heart space
    • Improvement of your energy and motivation levels
    • Achievement of your goals
    • Empowerment to make healthier choices
    • Reduction of any presenting pain/stress/anxiety/depression
    • Improvement of your posture, health and self esteem


Please see the What Clients Say page to read how clients have benefited from their sessions with Jenn

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